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University of

USS Arizona BB-39 ship's bell in the Student Union bell tower.
As the names of the crew from the state of Arizona were read, the bell tolled.

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ December 8, 1991 Memorial Service
     Lura White, last Gold Star mother from Arizona and mother of Harvey Leroy Skeen, KIA (Front Row 4th from left). Dudley Van Horn and Billie Hildebrand, to the left, brother and sister of James Randolph Van Horn, KIA 7 December 1941, are members of the USS Arizona Reunion Association and were invited to sit on the podium in a place of honor.
     The fleet reserve extended invitation for the luncheon and banquet.
     Lura White died January 26, 1992 on her son's birthday, at the age of 90.
     Please also see In Memory of Lura White

     Many treasures from the U.S.S. Arizona are on display throughout the country as well as archives. We will soon be including more photos for items that are in Arizona; the state capitol and the city of Glendale.
     We are currently gathering more information for this section which will include additional locations and photos so that you might be able to visit and see these items in your home town.
     If you know of a location and would like to contribute information and photos, we would love to hear from you!
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