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Fred H. Kenfield
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     Fred H. Kenfield was a Pharmacist's Mate in Aviation Medicine in WWII.

     There not being much to do in that line in Hawaii at the end of the war, he was assigned to oversee operations at Halawa Navy Cemetery just above Pearl Harbor.

     This cemetery was established right after the Dec. 7 attack and buriels were made until 1946, after which the dead were sent back to the mainland and the rest combined into the "Punchbowl" cemetery.

     Prior to the war, Kenfield had completed part of his training to become an embalmer and funeral director.

     After demobilization he went on to the University of Minnesota Mortuary Science Course and the University of Tampa for a business degree. He founded and operated Fred H. Kenfield Funeral Home, Inc. in St. Petersburg and is still an active funeral director.

     We deeply appreciate Fred's generosity and gift of numerous, never-seen-before negatives that he took while on duty at the Halawa Navy Cemetery.

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