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Ed "Harpo" Marks
     The information presented here is factual by way of actual documentation collected by Mrs. Haislip in her endeavor to keep a promise to her late husband, Ed "Harpo" Marks; that the truth be told and that the men lost at Pearl Harbor not be forgotten. Mrs. Haislip has, for over a decade, "taken on this cause" by personally taking on the responsibility of accepting material directly from the families of the men lost at Pearl Harbor as well as other sources such as servicemen's accounts and ship deck logs.

     Check back soon for never before seen early photographs of the construction of the of BB-39 before launching.

lorraine.jpg (7K) Lorraine Marks-Haislip
     Through many years of struggle to try to preserve the proper memory and respect for these men, she has also endured, not only the loss of Ed, her first husband, a survivor of Pearl Harbor, but also the recent loss of two daughters. In spite of this, Mrs. Haislip, with the ongoing encouragement of her husband, Slip, who had served on the U.S.S. Arizona until May of 1941, has continued the fight to not only preserve but to commemorate ALL of the men who were lost at Pearl Harbor. Slip, in fact, was transferred from the U.S.S. Arizona after serving aboard her for five years; he was then transferred to submarines and was in Manila Bay Dec. 8th 1941.


   Thus, this story and website begins with her fight to right a serious wrong when the remains of over 647 servicemen were mingled and reinterred into 252 marked "unknowns" plots. She has worked extensively with Congress and directly with the White House to ensure that the proper measures have been taken to preserve and respect the memories of the men who not only served aboard the U.S.S. Arizona, but all of the men lost in the tragic event of Pearl Harbor.

     This website is a "work in progress" as there is over a decade's worth of research done by Mrs. Haislip and this information is being posted to the website on a regular basis so we urge you to please bookmark this site and check back for updated information.

     This website has five primary goals:

1. To HONOR the men.
2. To HONOR the families.
3. To tell the TRUTH through the documentation of FACT.
5. To PRESERVE the documentation.

7 December 2013


Feels good to be back to work on my passion; the HISTORY of the USS Arizona BB-39.
Lorraine E. Marks-Haislip
U.S.S. Arizona BB-39 Historian
Investigative Researcher


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