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In Honor of
Ernest Eugene Corey
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A Love That Lives On
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Irma Corey and Delores, wife and daughter of Ernest Eugene Corey, KIA aboard the USS Arizona 7 December 1941.

The poem to the right and letter below were written by Gene Corey to his wife and have been reproduced here verbatim from his handwritten letter.
Photos donated by his daughter, Delores Corey Johnson with a note, "The face of another Unknown and the anguish of a wife and daughter."

"It is odd that I should cherish
such a wild fantastic thing,
For as yet I hardly know her;
But O'er her Kingdom I'm her King!

Her dainty small fair features
overflood my heart with song
Calm, dark brown eyes bear upon me
Ecstasies - deep and long.

"Irma!" the rolling sea whispers
when I try to go to sleep
So, I stay awake to listen
to see if they bring messages from the deep.

Is it odd that one should move me
to such loftiness of scheme?
Would I dare to her suggestions
of a censured, silent dream?

I am sad that obvious reasons
won't permit us mutual ways
So, Inhibiting my longings
I await to have my day.

Then, Fair Irma, my princess
In the midnights hours be
still to haunt my dreams in splendor
and to linger close to me."

     "Sunday Morn.

     Good morning my Darlings:

     I just finished reading over all of your letters honey; and I believe I can relize better know how hard it is on you; than I could before. Your letters have changed a whole lot.
     Darling I believe I'm going crazy; while I was sitting here yesterday I wrote this little poem: and of cause it is didicated to you. So I believe after you read this you can see what is on my mind most."



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