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The Men of the U.S.S. Arizona Band
Bandmaster, Frederick W. Kinney, 1st MUS.
Nadel, A.J. "Alexander the Swooze"
Bandy, W.L. "Buck"
Brabbzson, O.M. "Buttercup"
Radford, N.F. "Brick"
Scruggs, J.L. Scrooge"
Whitson, E.H. "Ernie"
Hass, C.J. "Curt"
Floege, C.C. "Flat-Foot Floogie"
Cox, C.C. "Jerry"
Morehouse, W.S. "Killer"
Williams, C.R. "Oklmugee"
White, C.W. "Whitey"
Burdette, R.W. "Chowhound"
Shaw, R.K. "Peepee"
Hughes, B.T. "Bee"
McCary, W.M. "Swede"
Sanderson, J.H. "Sandy"
Hurley, W.R. "Lady-killer"
Chernucha, H.G. "Cherry & Mad Russian"
Lynch, E.I. "Rusty"
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Navy Band That Was Silenced


     On December 7 the entire membership of the band of the USS Arizona was lost when the battleship was attacked by the Japanese. The above photo of the band orchestra, probably the last taken of it entire, had just been released for publication by the Navy.

     The band, trained as a unit, was one of the best in the 14th Naval District and often gave much pleasure to music-lovers. The photo shows a background of sailors at Pearl Harbor.
     These musicians graduated from the Navy School of Music May 23, 1941. On May 26, 1941, the band left the receiving ship Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. and boarded the USS Arizona on June 17, 1941.
     Deck Log 1600-2000: USS Arizona BB-39, 17 June 41, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Anchored as before. 1645-Pursuant to basic orders from the Commanding Officer, Receiving Ship, Navy Yard, Washington, D.C., MN9/P-16-4/MM dated May 26, 1941, the following men reported for duty, collated from the USS Arizona Deck Log:
     Kinney, Frederck W.: 8 July 41 "AT-EM Newspaper" printed personal information on each member of the band. Home, Bremerton, Washington. Graduate of Bremerton High School, attended University of Washington at Seattle.
     Haas, Curtis J.: Major instrument, Flute, Piccolo. Minor instrument Tenor Sax and Clarinet. Home, Kansas City, Missouri. Graduate of North Kansas City High School, attended Huff Business College. Previous occupation: professional musician. Nickname- "Curt".
     Lynch, Emmett I.: Major Insturment, Bass Drum. Home, Louisville, Kentucky. Graduate of Ormsby Village High School. A.B. from Georgetown College. Previous occupation: salesman. Nickname: "Rusty".
     Brabbzson, Oran M.: Major Instrument, French Horn. Home, East Meadow, Long Island, New York. Graduate of Homestead High School. Nickname: "Buttercup".
     Morehouse, William S.: Major Instrument, Trumpet. Home, Wichita, Kansas. Graduate of Strong Vincent High School. Attended Erie Conservatory of Music. Previous occupation: Draftsman. Nickname: "Killer".
     Radford, Neal J.: Major Instrument, Baritone. Home, Newark, Nebraska. Attended Kearney High School. Previous occupation: Farmer. Nickname: "Brick".
     Bandy, Wayne L.: Major Instrument, Trumpet. "Go man" in dance orchestra. Home, Waynesville, Missouri. Graduate of Waynesville High School. Previous occupation: Truck Driver. Nickname: "Buck".
     Chernucha, Harry G.: Major Instrument, Clarinet. Minor Instrument, Sax. Home, North Merrick, Long Island, N.Y. Graduate of Mephan High School, wrestling champion of New York State high schools. Nickname: "Cherry" & "The Mad Russian".

     Hurley, Wendell R.: Major Instrument, Clarinet. Home, Louisville, Kentucky. Graduate of Marion High School. Previous occupation: Baton Twirling Teacher. Nickname: "Lady Killer".
     Sanderson, James H.: Major Instrument, Clarinet. Minor Instrument, Sax. Home, Lindsay, California. Graduate of Lindsay High School. Previous occupation: Orange Grower. Nickname: "Sandy".
     Williams, Clyde R.: Major Instrument, Cornet. Home, Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Graduate of Okmulgee High School. Previous occupation: "Soda Jerk". Nickname: "Oklmulgee".
     Shaw, Robert K.: Major Instrument, Trombone. Home, Pasadena, Texas. Graduate of Pasadena High School. Previous occupation: Movie Usher. Nickname: "Peepee".
     Scruggs, Jack L.: Major Instrument, Trombone. Minor Instruments: Piano and piano accordian. Home, Long Beach, California. Graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School. Previous occupation: Salesman and Semi-Professional Musician. Nickname: "Scrooge".
     McCary, William M.: Major Instrument, Tuba. Home, Birmingham, Alabama. Graduate of Shades Cahaba High School. Previous occupation: Ranch Hand. Nickname: "Swede".
     Burdette, Ralph W.: Major Instrument, French Horn. Home, Plainfield, New Jersey. Graduate of Plainfield High School. Nickname: "Chowhound".
     Nadel, Alexander J.: Major Instrument, Trumpet. Home, Astoria, Long Island, New York. Graduate of Bryant High School, attended Julliard Conservatory of Music. Occupation: Semi-Professional Musician. Nickname: "Alexander the Swooze".
     Hughes, Bernard T.: Major Instrument, Trombone. Home, Athens, Pennsylvania. Graduate of Athens High School. Previous occupation: Factory Worker. Nickname: "Bee".
     Whitson, Ernest H. Jr.: Major Instrument, String Bass. Home, Cincinnati, Ohio. Graduate of Withrow High School. Attended Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Previous occupation: Salesman. Nickname: "Ernie".
     Floege, Frank N.: Major Instrument, Clarinet. Minor Instrument, Sax. Home, Harvey, Illinois. Graduate of thornton Township High School. Previous occupation: Welder in Buda Diesel Co. Nickname: "Flat-Foot Floogie".
     Cox, Gerald C.: Major Instrument, Clarinet. Minor Instrument, Guitar. HOme, Rock Island, Illinois. Graduate of East Molin High School. Attended Racine Conservatory of Music. Previous occupation: Guitar Teacher. Nickname: "Jerry".
     White, Charles W.: Major Instrument, Drums. Home, Bountiful, Utah. Graduate of Davis High School. Attended Brigham Young University. Previous occupation: Professional Musician. Nickname: "Whitey". Scruggs, Leo J. Status: Recovered from water as UNKNOWN. After identification, reinterred in Long Beach, CA by family in 1947.

Cox, G.C. Status: Probably drowned. Now interred in the National Cemetary of the Pacific, M-1027, "Punchbowl."

Shaw, R.K. Status: Body recovered from water. 3rd degree burns, drowned. Interred in Nuuanu Cemetery, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Additional bandsmen could have been recovered and buried as "Unknowns."

Researched at the National Archives, August 1993. Data on Arizona's Band updated 1992 through 1993 by Lorraine E. Marks-Haislip, Historian.

On May 26, 1941, the band left the receiving ship Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. and boarded the USS Arizona on June 17, 1941.


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