Flagpole and Other Superstructure Remains Concerns
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The following letters concern the flagpole and additional letters concerning the remains of the USS Arizona Superstructure. This correspondence is interesting because it was through the efforts of Lorraine Haislip - not Robert Manzetti - that allowed for various "pieces" to be put on display at different locations across the US, especially Arizona:

From: Commander in Chief U.S. Pacific Fleet
To: Commander Naval Base Pearl Harbor
Encl: (1) Lorraine Marks ltr of 29 March 1991

1. In enclosure (1), Mrs. Marks asks if the superstructure of the USS Arizona is excess Navy property. In researching this question, my staff was unable to determine what command holds title and responsibility for the superstructure.

2. I would like to clarify who has initial responsibility and initiate a plan to make the superstructure available for loan through Naval History. In addition to Mrs. Marks desires, I understand the Park Service has an interest in portions of the superstructure. These items do hold significant historical value and if they continue in their current state of overgrowth and deterioration, history will be lost.

3. Please research this issue and provide to me a plan to turn over the superstructure items and other ARIZONA artifacts to organizations charged with preserving our past.

R.J. Kelly

Next Letter:
Dear Mrs. Marks,

In your letter of March 29, 1992, you ask for information concerning the USS ARIZONA flagpole and superstructure. I share your concern for accurate and have contacted several sources to insure I have the best known information.

The flagpole removed from the memorial on November 25, 1991, is the pole that was in place when the new memorial was dedicated May 30, 1962. However, there is no official Navy documentation to determine if that flagpole was the same pole dedicated in 1950 by Admiral Radford.

The superstructure items, now resting on Navy property at Waipahu are not currently listed as excess items. I have directed further research to see if there is any reason not to list it as excess. Be assured I will inform you of all progress in this endeavor.

Thank you for your continuing concern for the USS ARIZONA and the symbol it represents in our history.


Admmiral, U.S. Navy

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